Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answers common questions about Brain Crunch Toys and our products. Have a question not listed? Contact us by clicking on the blue bar at the bottom.

At the moment, Brain Crunch products are only available to U.S. customers. If you live in another country and would still like to order, leave us a message, maybe we can still help!
In order to keep prices as low as possible, we do not offer phone support. We do have chat operators who can help you via live chat or email. Simply click on the blue bar at the bottom of the page. If an agent is available, you will be able to chat with him or her. Otherwise, we'll get back to you by e-mail as soon as possible.
We do! We stand behind our products and if you received a defective piece, we will replace it free of charge. Get in touch with us by clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of the page. Please have your Amazon Order ID or receipt if purchased in store when you contact us as we will need it to open a Warranty Claim.
If you hear the motors (black pieces that hold the wheels) move when you press the buttons on the remote control, then your motors have most likely been installed backwards. Please refer to the diagram. We can also check the position of the motors for you. Simply contact us via the live chat and we'll be happy to help!
Some of the earlier manuals have a misprint and step #2 is wrong. Follow these steps to change channels on your remote: 1) Press ARROW and CH key at the same time 2) Release CH key first, then press ARROW  key again 3) Press channel ID you wish to change to, then press CH key. The OK button will flash three times 4) Turn on the mainboard, its LED will flash 5) Press the F4 key, mainboard will stop flashing You can also refer to these videos: Normal speed: Slow motion with annotations: